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Pierre Fabre (Avene, Klorane, Ducray)

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From: Marina Lescreck
Date: 2010/6/9
Subject: Resposta do SAC: Pierre Fabre (Avene, Klorane, Ducray)

Recebi essa resposta do SAC ao perguntar se eles fazem testes em animais.
Resposta do SAC:
We thank you very much for your letter. The Laboratories Pierre Fabre are also greatly concerned about animal testing and in reply we would like to explain to you our position.

The  Laboratories Pierre Fabre offer to consumers products adapted to their needs, as well as guaranteeing utmost safety.

Our  main aim is to protect life in all its forms and especially human life: the pharmaceutical origin of our laboratories is proof.

The  European  cosmetic  directive  (76/768/CEE amended on March 11th 2003) obliges  the  manufacturer to use alternative methods available in order to test the new cosmetic raw materials and finished goods.

Being  aware of this, we stopped using animal tests many years ago to check the  security  of our cosmetic products during their creation years ago and we have set up a programme in 3 parts :

Development  of  substitute  tests  on cell cultures in our skin culture laboratory.

Use   of   different   methods   available  on  the  market  and  active participation  in the validation programmes set up by official French and European bodies.

In fact, to test our products and to ensure for consumers the indispensable security  of  every  cosmetic  product, we rely essentially on the existing information  concerning  the  innocuousness  of  the  ingredients used. The tolerance  of  the  finished goods is then tested by the use of alternative methods  (methods  in  vitro)  then  tests of clinical tolerance on healthy volunteers in the respect of laws on the protection of people consenting to biomedical  research tests. We also test real product use and efficiency on human beings.

Finally, each lot of ingredients delivered to our factories is submitted to very  elaborated  physicochemical and bacteriological controls, in order to verify  the identity, the purity and the quality of the ingredients used in the formula.

These  controls  are  equally  done  on  the  finished  goods, guaranteeing protection from any risk of fabrication error.

We  hope  that we have been able to answer your questions as clearly and in as much detail as possible.

Yours sincerely,

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